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This charity holds a main meeting six times a year bringing together voluntary sector and statutory partners. At the meetings news is shared, information passed on, encouragement given and new projects developed.

The monthly funding think tank tries to guard the financial health of local organisations, plot new funding bids and plan joint community bids. Expertise is shared.

The care forum, now Selsey Community Watch, brings together a joined up service for older friends in the town especially addressing the issue of loneliness.

Selsey Youth Network brings all aspects of local youth provision together on a monthly basis.

Local Project Review Group has piloted the development of larger capital projects.

Arts Dream holds its own Forum twice a year.

The emphasis of all these groups is partnership working with County, District, Town Councils, schools, charities and voluntary groups. Liaison also occurs with the commercial sector and churches.

Over the past four years the Forum has sought to encourage the out working of the Selsey Community Plan. As a result over 100 new activities and organisations have started and been sustained. Working groups have also been set up to encourage Christmas Day Lunch, Friendship Club, Cycle Route from Selsey to Chichester and Flood Action Group. That work has now been completed and the new Neighbourhood Plan will pick up new avenues of community consultation.

All details are on the Selsey Information Exchange website and activities are anchored in the administrative and informative work at Penny Lane office where a community diary, directory and calendar are maintained.

The Forum is nothing of itself. It is the sum of all of you working together for the good of our town. In the future we will continue to encourage, support and innovate when asked. We will care for one another. When consulted we will seek to speak with wisdom. Selsey Works has partnered with us on a number of occasions and we appreciate their skills.

Our meeting venues cost nothing through the kindness of Snak Shak, The Academy Selsey and WSCC Fire and Rescue Service. Thank you. To all our volunteers and supporters we express our deep gratitude.

Mike Nicholls June 2016

Selsey Community Forum - Annual Report