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Anyone who enjoys riding a bike will recognise that cycling facilities for traveling between Selsey and Chichester are, shall we say, less than adequate.

On the one hand, the main B2145 road is a daunting challenge because of the narrowness of the road and the amount of traffic it carries. And on the other hand the two existing cycle routes (one around Medmerry and the other from Pagham Harbour to Chichester Basin) are both excellent for off-road cycling but are not suitable for road-going commuters in terms of both the surfaces and directions and distances involved.

The Selsey Cycle Network was formed a number of years ago and has been at the forefront in advocating a direct cycle route between Selsey and Chichester which is safe and straightforward and is no further in distance than the B2145. They have laid the foundations for a professional feasibility study which has recently been undertaken by Sustrans. This has established that there is a feasible off-road route, subject of course to land, engineering, and funding issues. In addition to the benefits this would bring to the cycling fraternity, there are also benefits to road users without cyclists to cause traffic congestion.

Sustrans are a leading UK charity with a mission to make smarter travel choices possible, desirable and inevitable. Their Vision is that, by 2020, they will have helped to double the number of local journeys made by bike, foot or public transport to 4 out of 5 journeys.

Improving the Cycle Route between Selsey and Chichester

Proposed Cycle Route

The Selsey Greenway

Click the button to read the document  ‘Route Proposal to Create a Shared-Use Traffic Free Route Between Chichester and Selsey, West Sussex - Draft 1 (Jul 16)’

Update on Selsey to Chichester Cycle Route (The Greenway)

At this point the project to build a direct Tarmac route between Selsey and Chichester has made good progress. Suitable for cyclists, walkers and horses the project has been declared feasible by Sustrans, the national cycling charity.  Much of this year we have been asking the question: is this 8.5 mile route desirable?  Consultations have taken place with landowners, businesses, decision makers, councils, cycle forums, householders, residents and tourists.  Positive responses have included the establishment of two possible routes out of Selsey, two possible routes into Chichester and innovative ideas to avoid householder insecurity and to ensure safe road crossings.

  An environmental impact assessment is under way as a desktop study. £10,000 is needed to commission the necessary field study before we can apply for planning permission.  So much has been accomplished, but in 2017 more consultations, legalities and studies are needed to prepare the project for the question: is it permissible?  The final question will be: is it affordable?

 The project group of Selsey Community Forum is confident this route will happen but unsure when.

 We are very grateful for all who have supported and helped us.