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Registered Charity

Not-for-Profit Company

Community Interest Company

Community Group/Club/Society

Other (please explain)

Q5:   Please describe how your organisation involves people who use the service or the           community you serve.  (200 words max)

Completed application forms must be received by 5pm on 30th June or 30th November each year.

You can apply for a grant of between £250 and £2,000.

If you require any further information, please contact

Eligibility Criteria

Ferry Farm Community Grant Fund

Grant Application Form

Q14a:   How will your project continue after the funding you have applied for been spent?                                                                                                                                 (100 words max)

Thank you for your application

If you require any further information, please email

Q14b:   What is the timescale for your project? (50 words max)

Q15:   How much will your project cost in total? (50 words max)

Q16:   If you are applying to other sources for funding this project, please fill out the             table below (you can include ‘match-funding’ here).

Q17:   Please provide a breakdown of the total budget for your project showing how             the funding from Ferry Farm would be used (include any ‘in-kind’ funding here).

If you wish to upload any  documents in support of your bid, you can do so here.

1.   Grant payments are made by cheque or by BACS.  If you do not have a bank account, we might be able to make payment to another charity (host) on your behalf.  If you require this option, please let us know.

2.    If we need your bank details, we will ask for them in due course.

3.    Please be prepared to provide the following if requested:

       a.   Copies of estimates or catalogue pages if you are applying for a grant to purchase              equipment.

       b.   A photocopy of one bank statement from the last 3 months.

       c.   Names of the Management Committee members with signatories identified.

4.    Depending on the nature of your project, we might ask for additional documents, if relevant:

       a.   Child Protection or Vulnerable Adult Protection policy (if you are working with these              groups).

       b.   Health & Safety policy.

       c.   Equal Opportunities Policy Statement.


      1.   I am authorised to make this application  on behalf of the above organisation.

      2.   I certify that the information contained in this application is correct.

      3.   I will inform Ferry Farm if the information in this application changes in any way.


Q1:   Contact Details

The main contact should be someone from your organisation who can discuss the application.  Please give a second contact in case the main contact is not available.

Q2:   What type of organisation are you?

Q3:   When did your organisation start?

Q4:   What does your organisation do? (Its overall aim or mission - 200 words max.)

Q6a:   Where do the people who will benefit from your project mainly live?

Q6b:   How many beneficiaries are there of your project?

Q7:   How many people are involved in running your organisation?

Q8a:   What are your organisation’s annual income, expenditure and free reserves for              your most recent year?

Q9:   Please tell us what project or service you will undertake with the funding you are           applying for. (200 words max)

Please outline the need for the project or service and add any evidence that you have eg: statistics, feedback, evaluation, consultation.

Q10:   What is the need for the project or service you will provide. (200 words max)

Q11:   What will be achieved/what are the outcomes? (100 words max)

Q12:   How will you measure your outcomes/progress/success? (100 words max)

Q13:   How will you manage your project? (200 words max)

Please complete and submit this form to apply for a grant from Ferry Farm Community Grant Fund.

  We strongly recommend that you read through the eligibility criteria before completing the form.

Q8b:   Please indicate the purpose of your reserves.